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Horse Barn Stall

Kaufold's Stall Horse Barn is an enclosed shelter for animals to protect them from the weather.  If you are limited in stall space in your barn or want a place to keep an animal this is an economical option for you.  Constructed of the finest materials; this structure should last a lifetime.  Interior window grills prevent your animals from breaking them.  The stall Horse Barn is available in sizes from 10 x 10 to 12 x 48

White Pine Board & Batten Siding / 30 Years Architectural Shingles / Oak Kick Board 4' High / 6x6 Pressure Treated Base / Custom Vents / 1- 4' x 7' Dutch Door & 1 Sliding Window with Grill per window (Per Stall) / CDX Plywood Roof Sheathing / All Powder Coated Hardware / Old Fashioned Quality & Service Plus10 Year Guarantee.

Our Stall Barns are constructed of top quality oak post and beam style frame. A 6 x 6 pressure treated base provides the structure foundation. The siding is white pine that can be stained or left to weather naturally. We install a solid oak kick-board inside to protect from wear and tear of horses or other animals.

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    10X20-2 Stall Barn (shown)

    Horse Stall 10x10 $4,750.00 Horse Stall 10x12 $5,150.00 Horse Stall 10x14 $5,495.00 Horse Stall 10x16 $7,415.00 Horse Stall 10x18 $7,785.00 Horse Stall 10x20 $8,380.00 Horse Stall 10x22 $8,690.00 Horse Stall 10x24 $9,355.00 Horse Stall 10x26 $10,500.00 Horse Stall 10x28 $11,845.00 Horse Stall 10x30 $12,305.00 Horse Stall 10x32 $12,600.00 Horse Stall 10x36 $13,450.00 Horse Stall 10x40 $16,105.00 Horse Stall 12x16 $7,480.00 Horse Stall 12x20 $9,285.00 Horse Stall 12x22 $9,995.00 Horse Stall 12x24 $10,660.00 Horse Stall 12x26 $11,800.00 Horse Stall 12x28 $12,840.00 Horse Stall 12x30 $13,480.00 Horse Stall 12x32 $14,185.00 Horse Stall 12x36 $15,955.00